Sex Shouldn't Be Wasted
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Preventing Rape by Intoxication

  • If she's under 18, wasted, intoxicated, asleep, or unconscious, she cannot give legal consent, no matter what she says to you.
  • Rape by intoxication is a serious felony that can carry 8 years in state prison.

  • Young men convicted of rape by intoxication must register as sex offenders... for the rest of their lives.

  • If your friend tries to take advantage of a woman who is intoxicated or passed out, tell him to stop and explain the consequences.
  • Pay attention to the warning signs including: slurred speech, staggered walk, lack of motor skills, loud speech, vomiting, passing out, falling asleep, and unconsciousnes.

Protecting Yourself

  • Stay with your trusted friends at all times
  • Think ahead, and have a plan for you and each member of your group to get home.
  • "Drinking games" and binge drinking can be very dangerous to your health, and could make you the perfect target for a sexual assault.
  • Never leave an intoxicated friend unattended. Help her by giving her water to prevent dehydration, and putting her on her side to avoid choking on vomit. If symptoms worsen, call 911 as she could have alcohol poisoning.
  • Always lock your doors and windows, and if you are looking after a friend, make sure that doors and windows are locked before you leave.

Getting Help as a Victim

  • Call 911 if the crime just occurred, or call police or Sheriff dispatch to report the crime.
  • Talk with your parents, a teacher, a counselor... or call a crisis hotline to get help.
  • Help law enforcement document your attack: don't bathe, douche, urinate, eat, drink, smoke, gargle, brush teeth, chew gum, as they can all erase valuable DNA evidence.
  • Don't wash any clothing.
  • Understand this is NOT your fault: there's a whole network of professionals ready to help you, no matter the situations.